Whether you are looking for an easier ride to continue a life-long love of cycling, or seeking a new speed thrill, there is undoubtedly a recumbent trike solution for you. As a proud partner of Jersey Bents - New Jersey's oldest and largest recumbent dealership - we are able to provide an outstanding selection of most every model from every leading recumbent brand.

And as a bonus that no other recumbent dealer can offer, here at Electric Spokes, we can outfit any ride with either a pedal-assisted electric motor, or a full-race kit for off-roading fun.

If you are ordering one of our recumbent trikes online, please note that shipping is not possible at this time. All orders must be picked up in person - this is necessary to properly fit the trike to your body type.

For test rides, please call Derek at (661) 776-5371. We are happy to schedule test rides any day of the week.