Sportsman Flyer

Custom Built Motorcycle Sportsman Flyer 80cc Board Track Racer

$ 4,300.00

  • Custom Built Motorcycle Sportsman Flyer 80cc Board Track Racer-The Electric Spokes Company

Sportsman Flyer

Custom Built Motorcycle Sportsman Flyer 80cc Board Track Racer

$ 4,300.00


We are selling one of our shop favorites: a gas-motorized custom board track racerwhich we've had displayed for the past year in our shop. This is a custom built board trackracer loosely based on a Flying Merkel frame design. The builder is a small shop in California under the same name. They hold manysalt flat speed records for vintage board-track racing motorcycles in multiple classes.

This is one of their consumer production models. Note: this is not street legal. This is for off-road enjoyment only. If you want to make it street legal, you will have to do upgrade the bike with current DOT certified components. This will obviously subtract from the cool look of the bike. However, if you have back roads, country dirt roads, or private property where you can ride without worry, you will absolutely love this motorbike.

It is outfitted with a new 79cc 4 stroke gasoline motor which has been mounted on a specifically fabricated engine mount for the drop loop frame. The motorbike frame, tank and steering are all custom/hand-made by Sportsman Flyer. This model has some additional upgrades - most importantly - a steering damper on the right-hand side of the tank.

The tires are racing tires made in Germany which are no longer manufactured. We purchased this model from a collector in Troy NY who has been waiting for another custom built motorbike from the same shop. He had kept this model on display in his elaborate downtown loft apartment where it served as a conversation piece. He occasionally rode it during the summer months. We however have not ridden it. It was purchased as collector piece for our Store Window display. We have several vintage motorized bicycles. We are the largest E-Bike dealer in New Jersey - The Electric Spokes Company. check us out for more info.

We also own the special edition "Orange" Sportsman Flyer if you are interested in another one of these machines. Contact us directly about this other model. We are listing only one Sportsman Flyer at this time.

These are the best of the best in custom built gas-motorized bicycle/board track racers. You can check around for other home-built jobs, and you will quickly see the difference between the garage built - and professional shop build. Nothing compares.

We will guarantee the bike from any warranty or defect for 60 days after receipt. Since this is a heavy item, it will need to be shipped private freight. We package all of our bikes, motor bikes and e-bike on a palette which is padded, strapped and then shrink-wrapped. You will receive this bike complete and ready to crank and ride.

We also have a brand new spare engine still in the original box which we will include with the bike for an additional $75.00. Just let us know after purchasing this bike if you'd like that motor included with the shipment.

ABOUT SHIPPING FEE: We can't know total freight cost until we know the destination. We ship these items by private freight carrier only. For a reference, please consider the weight and the size of a pallet (4x4) and the bike weight 110 lbs. . Figure between 150-300 for shipping. We will work with you if you have a different idea for shipping. However, paying the additional freight cost is your responsibility. Please do not purchase this item unless you agree to the additional shipping charge. We will send you official invoice through paypal once we determine the exact shipping price from our freight carrier.

Upon the completion of the sale, we will determine your shipping address, and send you an invoice for the freight.

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